In-depth Couples Intensive Sessions are great for:

  • Couples who want to resolve their issues as efficiently as possible
  • Couples interested in the most cost-effective format.  Intensives are calculated at a lower per hour rate.
  • Busy people who value their relationship, but find weekly 50-minute sessions difficult to schedule
  • Couples who find the weekly 50-minute session format doesn’t allow enough time to do justice to a topic
  • Couples who feel particular urgency to resolve their issues
  • Couples who can manage their feelings between meetings even if they are longer than a week apart
  • Couples who have done some therapy and need a periodic tune-up
  • Couples who don’t live in the same town
  • Couples who don’t live in Petaluma and want to minimize travel time

Some couples come in for an intensive on a regular basis and others come in as needed. Intensives are usually available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Read the rest


Relationship Counseling

Relationship therapy focuses on how individuals impact those close to them and vice versa. It is also used to work with people who want closer relationships than they have or who want a committed relationship but aren’t able to make one happen. Often, when there is psychological and emotional distress within an individual, there is a relationship challenge at the core of the issue.

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