Intensive Sessions

In-depth Couples Intensive Sessions are great for:

  • Couples who want to resolve their issues as efficiently as possible
  • Couples interested in the most cost-effective format.  Intensives are calculated at a lower per hour rate.
  • Busy people who value their relationship, but find weekly 50-minute sessions difficult to schedule
  • Couples who find the weekly 50-minute session format doesn’t allow enough time to do justice to a topic
  • Couples who feel particular urgency to resolve their issues
  • Couples who can manage their feelings between meetings even if they are longer than a week apart
  • Couples who have done some therapy and need a periodic tune-up
  • Couples who don’t live in the same town

Some couples come in for an intensive on a regular basis and others come in as needed. Intensives are usually available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Here’s what you can expect from doing an Intensive Session with me:

  • To understand what makes up your unique relationship cycle
  • To be able to stop the painful cycle in real time
  • To communicate effectively and understand each other from the heart
  • To manage the tension that arises from differences
  • To become experts at repair when your relationship needs it
  • To rediscover passion, laughter, and pleasure in your relationship