Substance Abuse: My approach is collaborative, and together we will decide between an abstinence-based or a harm-reduction approach. The choice of approach would depend on your goals and the risk level of your use. If you’re dealing with cravings, we will look at what drives your desire to use and problem solve to help you manage urges. You will learn how to self-soothe when difficult emotions come up so you have more choice in how you respond/react to situations.

Process Addictions:  For those struggling with process addictions like co-dependency, love addiction, and food addiction, you will need to learn to tolerate uncomfortable feelings.  This may seem daunting, but it is possible to recover and go on to lead a meaningful and healthy life. Many of my clients have done so.

My approach:  I believe addictions start for a variety of reasons and serve to keep us from feeling uncomfortable emotions.  My goal is to help you move through your life in a way that you can feel good about, while minimizing harm to yourself and those you love.

Social support has been strongly correlated with success in maintaining sobriety.  I encourage clients in recovery to find support.  I like the 12-Step model but I’m aware that it isn’t a good fit for everyone.

I have worked in the recovery field for over 17 years and have personal experience in recovery as well.