Relational Repair Therapy

What is Relational Repair therapy?
It involves 2 or more individuals, longer sessions (90 minutes to 2 hrs each), and is short-term, as needed, rather than ongoing.

Relational Repair is great for:

  • Family members such as adult children and parent, friends, co-workers, or couples who want to better understand one another in general or with a particular issue
  • People who feel particular urgency to resolve an issue
  • People who do not want to or cannot commit to ongoing weekly therapy
  • Busy people who value their relationship, but find weekly 50-minute sessions difficult to commit to, or not productive enough
  • People who can manage their feelings between meetings even if they are longer than a week apart
  • People who have done some therapy and need a periodic tune-up
  • People who don’t live in the same town

Here’s what you can expect from doing Relational Repair work with me:

  • Achieve a better understanding of each others’ points of view
  • If there is a painful relationship cycle, learn to stop the painful cycle in real time
  • Communicate effectively, have empathy for one another, and understand each other more deeply
  • Manage the tension that arises from differences
  • Become experts at repair when your relationship needs it
  • Rediscover aspects of your relationship that you have been missing such as laughter, fun, mutual respect, joy, and pleasure